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Last updated on Nov 17, 2023


  • NatC: Lead, Overview, Talents, Constellations, ER Requirements, Artifact Sets, Weapons, Teams
  • Emiliabyss: C6 Charlotte DPS Weapon Calcs, Writing
  • Avocado: Healing Calcs
  • fianwens - Writing Verification
  • Athena - Calculations Verification

For all Charlotte Calcs you can reference: Charlotte Mastersheet by NatC, Emiliabyss and Avocado

Pre-TC is volatile and, as always, perpetually subject to change until release (and sometimes later!). Please note that these are theoretical suggestions. Everything described in this FAQ is a good faith analysis based on the little information about the character’s kit that we know. Team calcs, additionally, are not established yet, and as with everything in TC, the content in this FAQ should be taken with a grain of salt.

Character Overview

Authored by natc

Charlotte is a 4-star Cryo, Pneuma-aligned Catalyst user. She has a decent amount of off-field Cryo Application, but where she truly shines is in her healing, which, before Constellation 6, comes primarily from her Burst. As such, it is essential that one builds Charlotte with sufficient Energy to Burst every rotation, especially if she is not being used in a Perma Freeze team composition.


Authored by natc

Leveling Priority: Burst > Skill


As mentioned in the previous segment, all of Charlotte’s healing at lower Constellations comes from her Burst. Hence, in order to make the most out of her, her Burst should be prioritized heavily for leveling. Her Skill, on the other hand, only serves to apply Cryo off-field while outputting minute amounts of damage, making it much less important to level.

Talent Overview

Normal Attack: Cool-Color Capture

With her camera, Charlotte attacks the enemy by snapping shots (not to be confused with snapshotting!) of them up to three times in a row. While aesthetically pleasing to look at, Charlotte’s Normal Attacks are not very useful in her overall kit, being a non-factor in most cases outside of the Pneuma Thorn on her Charged Attack.

Elemental Skill - Pressurized Floe

Charlotte’s Skill functions similarly to how Nahida’s skill works. If tapped, it applies Snappy Silhouette on up to five enemies in front of her, dealing damage every 1.5s for 6s at a time. Her held Skill is a slightly longer variation of her tapped Skill, applying Focused Impression on up to five enemies and dealing damage every 1.5s lasting for 12s. Do note that there is a slight caveat to using her held Skill, being that Charlotte must have her skill Held for roughly two seconds before the viewfinder expands to its maximum size for it to count as ‘Focused Impression’ instead of ‘Snappy Silhouette’.

Elemental Burst - Shadowhunter’s Ambush

The highlight of Charlotte’s kit, her Burst creates a Newsflash Field that heals the entire party upon cast. It also does up to eight instances of damage to enemies within the field while healing active character(s) with every attack. Although the Burst damage by itself is nothing to write home about, both the cast as well as the continuous healing from her Burst are pretty good at baseline, and will only be improved with Constellations.

A1 Passive - Saturation Deep Dive

When enemies marked by Charlotte’s held Skill are defeated, it reduces the cooldown of her Skill by 2s, up to four times for a total of 8s. While on paper this may seem to be a good thing, it also means that you would have to take the time to use her held Skill, which might be a bit of a bad thing if your aim is to clear chambers as quickly as possible. On the other hand, this Constellation also means that Charlotte will have the ability to recast her Skill on a subsequent wave in multi-wave content, granting the party more healing along with helping out with her own Energy. Weigh the pros and cons of this carefully.

A4 Passive - Parallel Condensers

This passive increases Charlotte’s healing for every Fontainian party member other than herself, while non-Fontainian party members increase her Cyro DMG% instead. The first part of this passive is pretty useful for Charlotte, especially considering that most Fontainian characters have some sort of HP-manipulation ability, helping her keep them alive with more ease. On the other hand, while niche, people who would like to experiment with Charlotte as a carry might like the second part, especially considering that most of her best buffers (eg. Kazuha, Shenhe) are non-Fontainian.

Utility Passive - Deepwater Navigation

A neat little passive with a gadget that is exclusive to Charlotte, obtainable from the 4.2 event “Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log”. Below is a transcript from the 4.2 livestream on how to use it:

To use it, just equip the Kamera and activate the Zoom Lens in your inventory. The Zoom Lens can be attached to all Kameras obtained in the game up to this point. When equipped with other characters, the Zoom Lens won’t be able to be used in combat. But… If you switch to Charlotte and hold her Elemental Skill, you’ll be able to snap pics with Zoom Lens even while fighting! You can even use it in Domains!


Authored by natc

Constellation 1 - A Need to Verify Facts

  • After Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation heals a character, it will mark them with Verification, which will heal them once every 2s for 80% of Charlotte's ATK. This effect lasts 6s.

Further heals party members that were healed by Charlotte’s Burst with an effect similar to Prototype Amber’s. A pretty noticeable increase in healing for a Constellation 1, which should be relatively accessible, particularly for people who wish to roll for Furina’s Constellations as well. This Constellation is also very useful for continued triggering of effects that proc on HP change / healing, such as Furina’s Burst stacks or Ocean-Hued Clam’s damage. A solid Constellation all-around.

Healing increase from C0: 27.13%

Rating: 4/5

Constellation 2 - A Duty to Pursue Truth

  • When using Framing: Freezing Point Composition, when Monsieur Verite hits 1/2/3 (or more) opponents, Charlotte's own attack will be increased by 10%/20%/30% for 12s.

When Charlotte’s Skill instances hit enemies, she will be buffed up to 30% ATK depending on the number of enemies hit by her Skill, increasing her overall damage and personal healing.

Note: Further Constellation increases are based on the highest possible increase.

Healing increase from C1: 3.75% - 11.25%

Healing increase from C0: 31.90% - 41.43

Rating: 2/5

Constellation 3 - An Imperative to Independence

  • Increases the Level of Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

This Constellation increases her Burst levels, which, being the source of all her healing, is a very welcome increase.

Healing increase from C2: 15.86%

Healing increase from C0: 63.86%

Rating: 2/5

Constellation 4 - A Responsibility to Oversee

  • When Still Photo: Comprehensive Confirmation hits an opponent marked by Snappy Silhouette or Focused Impression, it will deal 10% more DMG and restore 2 Energy to Charlotte. This restoration can be triggered 5 times every 20s.

Enemies marked by Charlotte’s Skill receive increased damage from her Burst. Additionally, every time they do so, Charlotte gets a bit of her Energy back, up to 10 every Skill use. A solid Constellation, helping alleviate Charlotte’s Energy issues, being especially noticeable if Charlotte is used as a solo Cryo.

Healing increase from C3: 10.41%

Healing increase from C0: 80.91%

Rating: 2/5

Constellation 5 - A Principle of Conscience

  • Increases the Level of Framing: Freezing Point Composition by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Sadly, this Constellation only benefits Charlotte’s Skill damage, which is not at all a major part of her kit if played as a healbot.

Healing increase from C4: -%

Healing increase from C0: 80.91%

Rating: 0/5

Constellation 6 - Moment of Waking and Resolve

When the active character's Normal and Charged Attacks hit an opponent marked by Framing: Freezing Point Composition's Focused Impression, Monsieur Verite will initiate a follow-up attack that deals 180% of Charlotte's ATK as AoE Cryo DMG and heals active character(s) within the AoE for 42% of Charlotte's ATK. This effect can be triggered once every 6s, and both DMG and healing done this way will be considered as having been done by Charlotte's Elemental Burst.

This Constellation allows Charlotte to trigger up to two follow-up attacks per Skill whenever active characters hit enemies marked by ‘Focused Impression’, dealing Cryo damage while healing the active character for a portion of Charlotte’s ATK. This gives Charlotte the ability to heal outside of her Burst, while also adding on a bit more damage to the team, further incentivizing people to use her held Skill. That being said, whether it’s worth to use held Skill for said reason is still up for debate, and being locked behind a Constellation 6 does not help its case either.

Healing increase from C5: 6.96%

Healing increase from C0: 93.49%

Rating: 1/5

ER Requirements

Authored by natc

Solo Cryo assumes a 25-second rotation, with Charlotte doing 2 tapped Skills per Burst every rotation. Double and Triple Cryo assume a 21-second rotation, with Charlotte doing one fully held Skill per Burst every rotation.

Each Favonius proc lowers Charlotte’s ER requirements by ~13%. Charlotte’s C4 helps to further reduce her ER Requirements by up to ~25%.

Energy requirements will vary based on your team and rotation. For a more accurate estimate, please use the Energy Recharge calculator linked here.


Authored by


To make full use of Charlotte’s healing capabilities, you will want to stack as much ATK as possible on Charlotte while meeting ER requirements, while equipping an HB circlet. While this build means that Charlotte’s personal damage will be completely irrelevant, it maximizes the potency of her healing, keeping the party safe and healthy.

If you are interested in playing Charlotte as a DPS, please consider the final section authored by Emiliabyss.

Artifacts Stats

Sands of Eon: ER% or ATK% Goblet of Eonothem: ATK% Circlet of Logos: ATK% or HB%

Substats: ER (until requirement) > CRIT% (if holding Favonius) > ATK%

Artifacts Sets


2PC 2PC Mix of ATK / ER / HB

Easiest means of giving Charlotte quick boosts to her healing while helping to ease her often ridiculously high ER requirements. If Charlotte’s teammates do not make use of ATK, this is the recommended approach to take for building her.

4PC Ocean-Hued Clam

At C0, Charlotte will more than easily cap out a bubble, but that’s all the output you’re getting out of her aside from Prototype Amber’s healing. Constellations give her a bit more sustained healing, which makes it easier for subsequent bubbles to do more damage.

4PC Noblesse Oblige

Partywide ATK on Burst, which not only benefits her ATK-scaling teammates, but Charlotte herself too in terms of both damage and healing.

4PC Tenacity of the Millelith

Although HP doesn’t do anything for Charlotte’s healing, the ATK from having her skill damage opponents from off-field could be a good consistent source of partywide ATK. That being said, this would mean that her held Skill is almost always a necessity to use, or this is a dead set.

4PC Maiden Beloved

Boosting Charlotte’s already enormous healing numbers, this set might be overkill for her, and you might prefer having something else that will give her more utility to aid the team in other ways. Would not recommend specifically farming / strongboxing for this set, so only use it if you have excess pieces saved from farming Viridescent Venerer.


Authored by natc

Prototype Amber

Easily Charlotte’s most recommended weapon, giving her additional healing to help keep the team alive and well while also contributing to other buffs that come with HP change and / or healing, such as OHC. Furthermore, it also refunds her 18 Energy every burst at R5, helping her cut into what may seem like extremely daunting ER requirements for herself.

Favonius Codex

An alternative for Charlotte if you still find yourself struggling with Energy even after Prototype Amber and / or your team is struggling with Energy. With a Burst hitting up to 8 times, Charlotte should have no issues proccing this weapon even with minimal CRIT Rate, although more CRIT Rate from substats would still help.


It is highly recommended that you go with one of the two weapons above, since they are easily accessible, with Prototype Amber being a craftable weapon and helping significantly even at lower refinements. If, however, you insist on going for something else, here are a few suggestions.

A Thousand Floating Dreams

A very expensive option for Charlotte, one may opt to use this on her in a team that could appreciate the EM, like a Reverse Melt team. Not recommended for most teams.

Sacrificial Fragments

Although the substat does not help Charlotte in most of her teams, the extra skill charge could go a long way to helping her resolve her Energy issues, although once again, you would rather go with one of the recommended weapons instead.

Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers

Still everybody’s favorite 3* Catalyst, TTDS makes its return. Do note though that this would mean that Charlotte would need to be played in an environment that can support her high ER requirements while ensuring that she goes before the main carry in the team.

Team Building

Authored by natc

General Healer

Charlotte | Flex | Flex | Flex

Being a healer means that Charlotte can be slotted into virtually any team that would appreciate the sustain that she provides, bringing to the table a large chunk of healing from her Burst that only gets better with Constellations. That being said, there are a few teams that particularly appreciate her, such as...

Furina Teams

Charlotte | Furina | Flex | Flex

With Furina’s buffs proportional to the amount of HP change in the party, it should come to no surprise that Charlotte’s immense teamwide healing makes her one of Furina’s best friends, synergizing with her extremely well, with Charlotte being able to heal back most, if not all, of the HP that Furina drains with her Ousia Skill. This makes the two of them an extremely potent duo, boasting both immense buffing and survivability, allowing the player to fill in their teams with more offensive DPSs / Supports.

While there are too many possible team compositions to discuss in detail here, the possibility of running the two of them may exist in the compositions that will be discussed in the succeeding sections.


Charlotte | Hydro | Cryo | Anemo

Practically a staple consideration for any off-field Cryo support, Freeze teams really appreciate Charlotte’s off-field Cryo application and healing, especially if the Hydro option in the team is Furina. Even without considering Furina though, having Charlotte in the healer slot means that players can afford to run more offensive Hydro options such as Ayato and / or Mona, although if one is already comfortable with Kokomi, then Charlotte’s personal value drops a lot.

Teammates :

Cryo Options: Ayaka / Ganyu / Wriothesley / Rosaria / Kaeya

Anemo Options: Kazuha / Venti / Sucrose / Lynette

Mono Cryo

Charlotte | Shenhe | Cryo | Anemo

Another Cryo-centric team composition, this team trades a bit of the safety that comes from perma-freeze for damage courtesy of Shenhe’s buffs to Cryo teams. Running 3 Cryo characters also means that the team will have very high Cryo particle generation, helping with Charlotte’s ER issues rather noticeably.

Teammates :

Cryo Options: Ayaka / Ganyu / Wriothesley / Rosaria / Kaeya

Anemo Options: Kazuha / Venti / Sucrose / Lynette


Charlotte | Physical Carry | Electro Flex | Flex

Physical teams revolve around supporting a physical carry via means of Superconduct and other buffs being stacked onto a physical carry taking the field to do damage. Though most characters outside of catalysts can technically be built for physical damage, this slot is typically filled by either Eula or Freminet, and, to a certain degree, Razor. As such, unless the primary carry in question is Razor, one flex slot is often reserved for an off-field Electro character like Fischl, while the final flex slot can be changed depending on what you want / need.

Physical Options: Eula / Freminet / Razor

Electro Flex: Fischl / Raiden / Lisa

Flex: Kaeya / Rosaria / Shenhe / Bennett


authored by Emiliabyss

In the deepest canals of the Genshin TC community, there have been whimpers, complaints, cries for a savior. “But I want Charlotte to be my DPS! I want to see her cool animations and use my favorite character more than simply a backline character. Is there any way she could deal damage?”

Well, if you think “marginally more DPS than Dehya” is good, I have good news for you!

Now, sure you might say “well basically anyone can get more,” but Charlotte was always meant to be a dedicated healer. She has extremely low multipliers and most of her kit enhances her healing. Dehya was meant to be some kind of DPS. What makes Charlotte able to function as a dedicated DPS? A Cryo Catalyst weapon.

This build is hyperspecific, and to some, may come off as uninteresting, but the work originally done for a meme has led to surprising results.

Assumes Charlotte is Constellation 6 Team: Bennett C5+, Lynette, Xiangling (Kazuha cannot swirl Cryo in this team consistently)

Artifact Set: 4pc Shimenawa’s Reminiscence (Gilded Dreams is a decent substitute)

Artifact Stats: EM, DMG%, CRIT

5-Star Weapon: A Thousand Floating Dreams (ATK% Sands) or Cashflow Supervision (EM Sands)

4-Star Weapon: The Widsith R5 or Solar Pearl R5

Rotation (Charlotte): N2C, swap, hE, 3x(N2C)

Best Cons: 6, 3, 2

With all the Pyro application from Bennett, Kazuha, and Xiangling, it is easy to reach the maximum possible Reverse-Melts (13). This, combined with cramming loads of buffs into Charlotte, makes her stronger than a lot of characters you would force into Xiangling teams just to be able to play them in the first place.

Is Charlotte the best choice for a Cryo user? Absolutely not. Kaeya and Rosaria are both superior, and one is even totally free. Any other Cryo or Hydro Catalyst character will probably outperform Charlotte. But she’s cute, so it’s okay.

It is not recommended to use Shenhe and go Mono-Cryo. It is also not recommended to use Shenhe + Kazuha + Bennett. This is because most of Charlotte’s damage comes from her many reactions spread across her kit, and she needs as much Pyro application from teammates as humanly possible. Additionally, Mono-Cryo teams currently do not have the same buffing potential that Bennett + 13 Melts has.

Keep in mind that assumptions are fairly optimistic, as sim and sheets can’t properly account for the application in practice. It’d be safe to expect somewhat less in gameplay.

Until next time,


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