Neuvillette FAQ

kolvii, Leifa

Last updated on Nov 17, 2023


  • kolvii - Lead, Author | Writing: Everything except Overview | Calcs: Talents, Constellations, Weapons, Artifacts, Energy Recharge
  • Leifa - Author, Consulting | Writing: Overview, Teambuilding
  • natc - Consulting
  • dejaroo - Consulting
  • KB - Consulting
  • raikh / valien - Consulting
  • jrm.spirit - Framecounting
  • cuzimori - Consulting, Writing Verification
  • mien - Calculations Verification

For all Neuvillette Calcs you can reference: Neuvillette Mastersheet by kolvii

Pre-TC is volatile and, as always, perpetually subject to change until release (and sometimes later!). Please note that these are theoretical suggestions. Everything described in this FAQ is a good faith analysis based on the little information about the character’s kit that we know. Team calcs, additionally, are not established yet, and as with everything in TC, the content in this FAQ should be taken with a grain of salt.

Character Overview

Authored by Leifa

Neuvillette is a 5-star Pneuma-aligned Hydro Catalyst whose kit revolves around unleashing high-powered, long-ranged Charged Attacks. His Skill and Burst can create Sourcewater Droplets, which heal him and decrease his Charged Attacks’ wind-up time. Neuvillette’s attacks all have a large AoE, and his Charged Attack can pierce through enemies, allowing him to hit multiple enemies at once.

As an on-field Hydro DPS, Neuvillette has a large variety of teams. Since Neuvillette’s Charged Attacks can be interrupted, which leads to huge losses in damage, he has a high reliance on shielders at C0. High field time requirements, a long Skill cooldown, and an expensive Burst also tend to make his rotations rather long. Due to this and the fact he scales off of HP, as of 4.1, Neuvillette lacks strong buffers outside of Kazuha — thus, many of his teams feature off-field damage dealers


Authored by kolvii

Leveling Priority: Normal Attack > Burst = Skill


Neuvillette's Charged Attacks are his main source of damage, so his Normal Attack Talent should be leveled first. Neither his Skill nor his Burst contribute significant amounts of damage, but are still used to generate Sourcewater Droplets, so they can be leveled afterwards in tandem.

Talent Overview

Normal Attack: As Water Seeks Equilibrium

Neuvillette's Charged Attacks are the main attraction of his kit, boasting continuous, HP-scaling, AoE damage that pierces enemies in its range. He relies on absorbing 3 Sourcewater Droplets for every CA, which are primarily generated through his own Skill and Burst. These Droplets reduce the initial wind-up of his CA from 4s to 1s, and heal off the massive HP penalty incurred while casting it.

Neuvillette can absorb any Sourcewater Droplets, including those not generated by himself. However, as of 4.1, the only other character who can generate Droplets is Hydro Traveler, and it is not recommended to use Hydro Traveler with Neuvillette, as they provide too little else, and Neuvillette already generates sufficient Droplets on his own.

Elemental Skill: O Tears, I Shall Repay

Summons a Raging Waterfall that will deal AoE Hydro DMG to opponents in front of of Neuvillette based on his Max HP. After hitting an opponent, this skill will generate 3 Sourcewater Droplets near that opponent.

Neuvillette's Skill is not a significant portion of his damage; it is primarily used for Energy and to generate Sourcewater Droplets.

Elemental Burst: O Tides, I Have Returned

Similar to his Skill, Neuvillette's Burst is more notable for its Sourcewater Droplet generation than its damage. However, the sheer quantity of Droplets generated by his Burst make it necessary in the vast majority of his rotations.

A1 Passive: Heir to the Ancient Sea's Authority

A1 is a multiplicative DMG bonus (like Yoimiya's or Wanderer's Skills) for Neuvillette's CA that stacks up to 3 times for every unique reaction involving Hydro.

The difference between different numbers of stacks is substantial, but not necessarily worth forcing team comps that maximize the number of stacks.

A4 Passive: Discipline of the Supreme Arbitration

Since absorbed Sourcewater Droplets heal Neuvillette at the beginning of his CA (and not during), Neuvillette will lose this bonus over the course of his CA without external healing. Nonetheless, it is an appreciated albeit minor increase to his damage.

Utility Passive: Gather Like the Tide

Neuvillette increases the underwater sprinting speed of the party by 15%, giving players an easier time when exploring Fontaine’s new underwater areas.


Authored by kolvii

Constellation 1 - Venerable Institution

  • When Neuvillette takes the field, he will obtain 1 stack of Past Draconic Glories from the Passive Talent "Heir to the Ancient Sea's Legacy."" You must first unlock the Passive Talent ""Heir to the Ancient Sea's Legacy."

Additionally, his interruption resistance will be increased while charging his Legal Evaluation and when using Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment.

C1 offers both a respectable DPS increase and a valuable QoL improvement. The damage increase C1 provides may be even greater if it allows you to swap a defensive unit for a buffer or sub-DPS.

However, his C1 may not provide any bonus damage if run in teams where his A1 Passive is already maximized. Further, the QoL it brings can also be unnecessary if getting staggered is not a concern; for example, when he is paired with units that already provide ample crowd control or interruption resistance.

DPS% Increase vs. C0: 11% (1->2 stack) - 24% (2->3 stack)

Rating: 4/5

Constellation 2 - The Law Commands

  • The Passive Talent "Heir to the Ancient Sea's Legacy" will be enhanced: Each stack for Past Draconic Glories will increase the CRIT DMG of Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment by 14%. The maximum increase that can be achieved this way is 42%.

  • You must first unlock the Passive Talent ""Heir to the Ancient Sea's Legacy."

C2 increases the value of C1's additional A1 stack by offering CRIT DMG per stack of A1. Otherwise, it's a relatively straightforward damage increase.

DPS% Increase vs. C1: 11%

DPS% Increase vs. C0: 38%

Rating: 2.5/5

Constellation 3 - Ancient Fiction

  • Increases the Level of Normal Attack: As Still Waters by 3.

C3 increases the levels of Neuvi's most important Talent. A decent damage increase.

DPS% Increase vs. C2: 20%

DPS% Increase vs. C0: 66%

Rating: 3/5

Constellation 4 - Crowned in Compassion

  • When Neuvillette is on the field and is healed, 1 Sourcewater Droplet will be generated. This effect can occur once every 4s.

Neuvillette already has enough Sourcewater Droplets in his rotations at C0, so this Constellation is useless—at least until C6. Therefore, don't pull C4 unless you're planning on going to C6.

DPS% Increase vs. C3: 0%

DPS% Increase vs. C0: 66%

Rating: 1/5

Constellation 5 - Axiomatic Judgement

  • Increases the O Tides, I Have Returned by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

Neuvillette's Burst is a small portion of his total damage, so this Constellation doesn't increase his damage much.

DPS% Increase vs. C4: 1%

DPS% Increase vs. C0: 67%

Rating: 1/5

Constellation 6 - Watchful Eye

  • When using Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment, Neuvillette can absorb nearby Sourcewater Droplets in an AoE. Each absorbed Droplet will increase the duration of Charged Attack: Equitable Judgment by 1s.

  • Additionally, when Equitable Judgment hits opponents, it will fire off 2 additional currents every 2s, each of which will deal 10% of Neuvillette's Max HP as Hydro DMG. DMG dealt this way will count as DMG dealt by Equitable Judgment.

With C6, if a Charged Attack nears the end of its duration and there are available Sourcewater Droplets nearby, Neuvillette will absorb another Droplet to extend the Charged Attack’s duration by 1s.

The damage improvements from this Constellation can be difficult to evaluate due to how it intrinsically changes his rotations, ranging from a minimum of 15% to well over 36% improvement over C5. However, the additional currents mean that there will always be an improvement to his DPS. His C6 also makes his C4 useful, with the additional Droplets extending the duration of his CAs by about 2-3s total — equivalent to an entire standard Charged Attack.

While the changes in his rotation can cause extensions or worsen buff uptime. Neuvillete does so much damage at C6 that its boosts are almost always worth capitalizing on. However, this means that C6's value also depends on what team Neuvillette is in: teams featuring short skill/buff durations (such as Kazuha teams) will be worse off than those featuring long off-field skill/buff durations (such as Raiden and Nahida in Hyperbloom).

DPS% Increase vs. C5: Minimum 15%

DPS% Increase vs. C0: Minimum 86%

Rating: 4/5

ER Requirements

Authored by kolvii

2 Electro w/ Fischl: 120 - 140%

1 Electro w/ Fischl: 130 - 150%

Everything else: 140 - 160%

Every Favonius proc lowers his ER requirements by ~10 – 20% If using R1 Tome of the Eternal Flow, reduce each ER requirement by 30-40%. If using R5 Prototype Amber, reduce them by about 35-45%.

Except in teams where Neuvillette only does 2 CAs per rotation (which are very rare), it is absolutely essential that Neuvillette have enough ER to Burst consistently every rotation; otherwise, he will not have enough Sourcewater Droplets to lower all his CA charging times.

Neuvillette’s Energy requirements will vary based on your team and rotation. For a more accurate estimate, please use the Energy Recharge calculator linked here.


Authored by kolvii

Artifacts Stats

Authored by kolvii

Sands of Eon: HP%

Goblet of Eonothem: Hydro DMG% / HP%

Circlet of Logos: CRIT / HP%

Depending on the weapon and artifact set Neuvillette is using, HP/Hydro DMG/CRIT, HP/Hydro DMG/HP, and HP/HP/CRIT are all viable options. HP/HP/HP with good enough substats is also an option, but it is notably worse in every situation.

  • HP/Hydro DMG/CRIT is almost always the best option, but more often than not by a very small margin.

  • HP/Hydro DMG/HP is always highly competitive with HP/Hydro DMG/CRIT, except when Neuvillette is using a non-CRIT weapon while also not running 4pc Marechaussee Hunter.

  • HP/HP/CRIT is competitive only when Neuvillette is using a weapon that provides significantly more CRIT and/or DMG% than HP% e.g. Rite of the Eternal Flow or Blackcliff Agate.

Substats : ER until requirement > CRIT DMG = CRIT Rate = HP% > Flat HP

Artifacts Sets

4pc Marachaussee Hunter (MH)

4pc MH is Neuvillette’s BiS by a sizable margin; it is over 12% better than the next best option. Neuvillette can fully stack the 4pc MH effect very quickly because of the HP loss during his Charged Attack. It is highly recommended to farm this set for Neuvillette.

4pc Heart of Depth (HoD)

4pc HoD is Neuvillette’s best option after 4pc MH, providing Hydro DMG% and Charged Attack DMG%.

2pc MH/Hydro/HP + 2pc Hydro/HP

Any combination of 2pc Marachaussee Hunter, 2pc Heart of Depth, 2pc Nymph’s Dream, 2pc Tenacity of the Millelith, and 2pc Vourukasha's Glow performs similarly to 4pc HoD.

4pc Retracing Bolide / Wanderer’s Troupe / Nymph’s Dream

More alternatives to 4pc HoD that perform similarly.


Authored by kolvii

Tome of the Eternal Flow (TotEF)

Tome of the Eternal Flow is Neuvillette’s BiS and signature weapon, providing a little of everything that Neuvillette could want: high CRIT DMG%, HP%, CA DMG%, and enough Energy to lower his ER reqs to 100% in most teams. TotEF is significantly better (30-40%) than all other options except Sacrificial Jade (TotEF is 20% better than R1 Sac Jade, and only 7% better than R5 Sac Jade).

Sacrificial Jade

Sacrificial Jade is Neuvillette’s second-best weapon, providing both CRIT Rate and HP%. At R1, It is about 10% better than the next best option, so it may be a worthwhile purchase for players who do not have TotEF. Sac Jade scales well with refines, which increase the amount of HP% it provides to Neuvillette. Players using Sacrificial Jade should be mindful of keeping Neuvillette on the field for no longer than 10s at a time, to ensure that he does not lose its passive effect (EQ CAx2, for example, would be too long).

Cashflow Supervision / Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds / Jadefall Splendor / Everlasting Moonglow / Kagura’s Verity

All of these 5-star weapons perform similarly on Neuvillette, providing some amount of CRIT Rate or HP%, as well as small bonuses from their passives.

Prototype Amber

Prototype Amber performs similarly or slightly better than the 5-star weapons listed directly above, provided that Neuvillette can use the energy its passive provides. Otherwise, it still offers Neuvillette a hefty amount of HP%, as well as some passive healing. Though this healing is too miniscule and infrequent to be of much use to Neuvillete himself, it can be helpful to heal chip damage on teammates as Neuvillette’s teams tend to lack healers.

Team Building

Authored by kolvii and Leifa

Being an on-field Hydro character opens Neuvillette up to a wide variety of team compositions that take advantage of various reactions.

Because Neuvillette heals himself (and also because trying to heal someone who constantly loses over 4000 HP per second is a futile endeavor), most of his teams can forgo a healer in place of a more offensively-oriented unit. However, because Neuvillette is easily knocked over while charging and casting his Charged Attacks — causing you to lose all the damage from that Charged Attack — he often wants a shielder or another character who can provide interruption resistance. This problem is mostly mitigated by C1.

It is recommended for Neuvillette to do 3 or 4 Charged Attacks per rotation in almost all of his teams, by doing 2 Charged Attacks the first time he enters the field, swapping out to his teammates, and then doing either 1 or 2 Charged Attacks when he next returns to field. Most teams will use some variation of: Neuvillette Burst > Team > Neuvillette CA Skill CA > Team > Neuvillette CA Skill (Optional CA) > Loop.


Neuvillette / Kazuha / Offensive Flex / Offensive or Defensive Flex

Due to Neuvillettes high personal damage, teams that focus on buffing his personal damage can be quite potent. Hypercarry teams scale well with Constellations and investment into Neuvi, but he currently lacks many options to buff his damage outside of Kazuha, providing both DMG Bonus as well as RES Shred from 4 VV. Other Hydro characters such as Xingqiu or Yelan can provide DMG Bonus or Hydro RES Shred but aren’t ideal due to requiring Normal Attack weaving to make full use of their Elemental Bursts. Mona can also provide a similar amount of DMG Bonus to Yelan without weaving in Normal Attacks for extra damage. Currently, its recommended to slot him with other Sub DPS characters due to his lack of self buffing options.

  • Offensive Flex options: Fischl, Yae Miko, Mona/Xingqiu/Yelan
  • Defensive Flex options: Zhongli


Neuvillette / Dendro / Electro / Flex

Neuvillette Hyperbloom teams utilize his on-field Hydro application in tandem with off-field Dendro application to trigger Blooms and subsequently Hyperblooms with an Electro unit for a good mix of AoE and single-target damage.

  • Dendro options: Nahida, Collei, Dendro Traveler
  • Electro options: Raiden, Kuki Shinobu
  • Flex options: Zhongli, Fischl/Yae Miko, Mona/Xingqiu/Yelan, any above Dendro

Nilou Bloom

Neuvillette / Nilou / Core Dendro / 2nd Dendro

Neuvillette can provide on-field AoE Hydro application for Nilou Bloom teams, which excel in multi-target. Because Bloom does a fair amount of damage to characters themselves, players may want a healer to supplement Neuvillete's own healing. Neuvillette's build does not change in Nilou Bloom teams, even if he is triggering Blooms (although EM becomes a decent stat to have).

  • Core Dendro options: Nahida, Collei, Dendro Traveler
  • 2nd Dendro options: Baizhu, Kirara, Yaoyao, any above Dendro


Neuvillette / Fischl / Yae Miko or Beidou / Flex

Neuvillette Taser teams feature Yae or Beidou as an off-field DPS, with Neuvillette to deal damage on-field and Fischl as a battery.

Beidou excels in multi-target situations, providing off-field damage with her Burst. Neuvillette can trigger her Burst procs decently well with his Charged Attacks. She also provides interruption resistance and a shield (albeit a weak one) with her C1, potentially allowing C0 Neuvillette to comfortably run without a shielder.

Yae Miko also provides off-field damage, although she lacks the utilities Beidou has.

  • Flex options: Kazuha, Venti, Zhongli, any Anemo with 4pc VV, Mona/Xingqiu/Yelan


Neuvillette / Xiangling / Bennett / Flex

It can be difficult to control who ends up Vaporizing out of Neuvillette and Xiangling — once an aura is established, neither of them can overtake the other — but it actually doesn't matter because the team ends up doing the same damage anyways! A decent option with AoE on both its main damage dealers, although Xiangling's Burst requiring Neuvillette to play in melee range negates the benefits of his range and makes some form of interruption resistance much more valuable.

  • Flex options: Zhongli, Kazuha, any Anemo with 4pc VV, Mona/Xingqiu/Yelan


Neuvillette / Cryo / Flex / Flex

Neuvillette can make sure of Freeze in scenarios against freezable enemies, giving extra CC to his teams that may allow some players to run him shielderless at C0. However, players still have access to shielders such as Diona and Layla for Cryo resonance and defensive utility. Keep in mind, quite a few recent enemies, as well as bosses, can’t be frozen, making this playstyle limited in uses. On top of this, there are few Cryo off-field characters who work well with Neuvillette’s range, resulting in quite limited team options.

  • Cryo options: Ganyu, Rosaria
  • Defensive options: Diona, Layla, Kirara, Zhongli
  • Flex options: Kazuha, Venti, any Anemo with 4pc VV, Shenhe, Fischl, Yae Miko, Mona/Xingqiu/Yelan
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