Last updated for 2.5 on Jun 2, 2024

“People believe whatever they want to believe. Some things you do not see, simply because you do not wish to look.”



Level to 80 or 90. Level Skill and Burst to 9+. Skill = Burst > Normal Attack


C1 +18% | C2 +10% | C3 +10% | C4 +12% | C5 +7% | C6 +22%

  • SubDPS (22 second rotation)

    • EEE, swap to team mates (4 seconds), Q, EEE, swap to team mates
    • If holding Solar Pearl, N1, EEE, swap, N1, Q, EEE, N1, swap.
    • If holding Wine & Song, D, EEE, swap, D, Q, EEE, D, swap.
  • MainDPS

    • EEE, swap/buff (7 seconds), Q, EEE, [N2CJ] x3
    • Alternatively, EEE, swap/buff (7 seconds), Q, EEE, [N2CJ, N1CJ] x2
Artifact Set
  • 4pc Emblem; 2pc Emblem/2pc Thundering Fury; 2pc Glad/2pc TF
  • ATK% / DMG% / CRIT%
  • Substat Priority: Energy Recharge (150% MINIMUM!) > Crit% > ATK%
Weapons by Ranking
  1. Kagura's Verity - Signature, limited 5-star weapon || ~$200+?
  2. Widsith R5 / Solar Pearl R5 || ~$0-$10-$???
  3. Skyward Atlas / Lost Prayer / Memory of Dust - all comparable || $???
  4. Oathsworn Eye R5 || $0 (Event)
  5. Widsith/Pearl R1 > Blackcliff Agate > Mappa Mare / Hakushin Ring || $0
  • Electro Battery + buffers/healers/reactions.
  • Raiden / Miko (SubDPS) / Flex / Flex
  • Fischl / Miko (MainDPS) / Flex / Flex
  • Flex: Kazuha, Bennet, Kokomi, Mona, Xingqiu, Sara, Sucrose, Jean, Sayu
    • Anemo-user with 4pc Viridescent Venerer strongly recommended


Why Should You Play Miko?

People who enjoy the Elemental Skill turret playstyle of Albedo and Fischl but would also like the stylish, powerful Elemental Burst of a unit like Eula will gain the most satisfaction from playing Miko. Mono-Electro teams featuring Raiden as a DPS also benefit greatly from Miko, since Beidou's Burst doesn't synergize with Raiden's Burst and Raiden renders Fischl's utility as a battery mostly redundant.

In short, Miko is Ei's girlfriend.

What is Miko's role in a team?

Miko is an Electro-based SubDPS, requiring lots of stat investment to fully utilize her, but little (necessary) field time compared to other team roles. While levelling a character to 90 is usually good, you could probably get away with levelling Miko to 80, since she is a traditional A/D/C unit (atk%/dmg%/crit%).

When using Miko on your team, she’ll mainly be dealing damage off-field with her skill and on-field with her Burst and, if you choose, attack strings focused on Charged Attacks.

Teams utilizing Miko will primarily be at least one electro battery, a Viridescent Venerer-holder/healer, and a buffer/healer. The biggest drawback of Miko’s presence on your team is her 22-second Burst cooldown. Longer Burst cooldown means longer rotations, and longer rotations usually means less team DPS. If you plan to use Miko on your team, you should focus on really making every bit of damage in Miko’s kit count to warrant her inclusion.

Pros and Cons


  • Capable of dealing strong, consistent Electro damage, with a very high damage burst in every rotation. Basically, she has high multipliers.
  • Miko's best four-star weapon options include the non-limited Widsith, which has been in the gacha since the beginning of Genshin Impact. Strong contenders are also either Battle Pass weapons or free, whether it be from the event accompanying her release or crafting.
  • Miko offers significant rewards for players who dedicate the necessary resources she needs. Miko scales high with constellations, more than doubling her damage output at C6.
  • Upfront damage on Miko's Burst, requiring only the setting of her turrets, which you'll want to do anyways.
  • Her skill has 100% uptime for consistent electro damage.
  • The dash from Miko's skill, while it doesn't make her invincible, guarantees her turret will set even when taking damage, unless her HP is reduced to zero.
  • Miko's existence enables mono-Electro teams, which previously have suffered from anti-synergy. Beidou and Fischl, for example, work great together but don't pair well with the Raiden Shogun. Miko/Raiden/Sara and Miko/Fischl/Sara are competitive with Hyper Raiden comps and allow Kazuha and Bennett to slot into your second team.
  • Miko has fluffy tails.

Pros and Cons


  • Need high resin investment to get a competitive state; on top of her regular Crit stat needs, Miko also, at c0, non-negotiably requires at least 150% Energy Recharge after a battery is factored into your team, which can be a lot to ask for from artifacts.
  • Miko takes up alot of field time (5+ seconds per 22-second rotation) for an off-field DPS. This is especially noteworthy because her best partner, Raiden, also takes lots of field time during her Burst mode. This leaves little room in your rotation for other teammates to do their job, limiting the number of potential teammates.
  • Strict team compositions (including benefiting most from Kazuha and Bennett) restrict Miko's flexibility, and hurt your ability to deal with team weaknesses. An electro battery is absolutely required to function at C0. Mitigating this requirement is locked behind C1 (but at least it's C1 and not more).
  • While Raiden is Miko's best partner, it's yet to be seen if Miko is Raiden's best partner. Numbers at time of research do not show a significant damage difference between Raikou teams (Raiden / Miko / Kazuha / Bennett) and Raiden Hyper teams (Raiden / Sara / Kazuha / Bennett)
  • Miko's best teammates, Raiden and Fischl, are either five stars or dependent on late constellations to maximize Miko's potential.
  • Won't show you her fox form, and will probably mislead you to your doom for fun.


"Miko is good in taser teams"

It depends on what you mean by "taser."

If by "taser", you mean "Beidou-driver", then this claim is false. Beidou-driver comps consist of Fischl as a battery, Beidou as a potent off-field DPS, and XingQiu as an off-field DPS/Support, all of which synergize with a MainDPS's fast auto-attacks. Miko's normal attack strings are below average in both damage and speed.

If by "taser", you mean "any team utilizing the electro-charged reaction", then this claim is false. Miko cannot take Fischl's role due to high energy requirements and inability to battery. I can't, in good faith, recommend a team that requires a constellation or near substat perfect artifacts on Miko to function.

One plausible taser team involves Miko replacing Beidou. The advantage of this is that Miko specializes in single-target scenarios while being batteried by Fischl, while Beidou specializes in multi-target. In a taser team, your Kazuha, Bennett, and Sara (C6) can go to a Raiden Hyper team.

"Miko is 5-star Fischl"

I did describe, in some way, that Miko functions like Fischl, but anything further than that would be to say that "Miko fills the same roles Fischl does." This is false. While I did say Miko just trades battery utility for nuking potential, this is a pretty significant difference in playstyle.

Fischl is a battery, Miko needs a battery. Fischl can spend almost no time on the field to do her job, Miko spends much more time on the field. Fischl's Elemental Skill has more frequent electro application, especially when Fischl is C6, but Miko deals much more damage with her turrets (and overall).

Another important difference is their snapshotting. Fischl's Skill snapshots, and Miko's doesn't. This is a double-edged sword in some cases. Miko can benefit from buffs being applied after she sets her skills (including passives like Memory of Dust), but doesn't synergize well with Bennett because of this, as half of her damage is done off-field (and thus outside of Bennett's circle). Fischl, on the other hand, can make use of snapshotting Bennett's burst.

Character Overview

Miko's playstyle is heavily based on:

  1. Using all three charges of her Elemental Skill as soon as possible, setting up three kitsune spirit turrets to do her bidding.
  2. Swapping out for other party members for buffs to prepare for...
  3. Unleashing Miko's nuclear-powered Elemental Burst, consuming the turrets, but resetting their cooldowns.
  4. Resetting Miko's turrets, and leaving the rest of your team (and her non-sentient fox turrets) to do her bidding.

Miko is what happens when you upgrade Fischl's stats and trade her utility as a battery for raw burst damage rivaling Eula's, including constellation comparisons. One could just as easily suggest Miko is "Electro Eula", trading normal attacks for powerful turrets and frequent electro application. The comparison to Fischl is based on skill function, while the comparison to Eula is based on raw Burst damage.

At the end of the day, Miko exists to deal damage from the background, make an appearance to drop a few lightning strikes, and retreat back into the shadows. Her frail HP and DEF stats dictate she be played this way, unless you decide to bring a strong shield with you.

In 18s rotations, it is competitive to Burst in every second rotation, given the right build.

Active Talents

Normal Attack - Spiritfox Sineater

Talent Priority: #3 or N/A

Normal Attacks perform up to three consecutive strikes. Charged Attacks call down a semi-straight line of six lightning strikes, but only two of them can deal damage: near the beginning and end of the Charged Attack.

Frame Data (Burst Mode)

Recorded in 60 FPS

Attack TypeNumber of hits/inputMultiplier at T9Execution Frame
Charged Attack1-2242.92%95 (80 w/ J-cancel)

Frankly speaking, Miko's Normal Attacks are mediocre at best. Her plunging attacks are also nothing special. It is not recommended to invest resources in this talent unless you are truly dedicated to going off-meta and running her as a main DPS.

If you absolutely must level this talent, focus on using her Charged Attacks while maintaining your stamina. Miko's Charged Attacks consume 50 stamina, and in-game offers a limit of five consecutive Charged Attacks if that is where every bit of stamina is going and your Statues of the Seven in Mondstadt and Liyue are 100% leveled. While the maximum stamina one can have is 240, Miko gains some back in-between each Charged Attack.

Jump-cancelling Miko's Charged Attack is essential if you go down this road with Miko, due to frame efficiency. Two hits on Charged Attacks is only possible on large boss enemies like Azhdaha, since the second hit is at the very end of Miko's string of lightning bolts.

Again, it is not recommended to level this talent, and it is not recommended to use her Normal Attacks in taser compositions. Qiqi is more valuable as a driver than Miko.

Elemental Skill - Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura

Talent Priority: #1

Summon a non-sentient fox spirit (her words, not mine) to do your bidding. Miko's skill has three uses/charges, and when these turrets are close together, they each deal more damage. Placing three turrets close together in a triangle formation will maximize your damage. Summoning them in a straight line will only make two turrets "level 2" and one turret "level 3" (the one connected to the two surrounding turrets) A thin, purple veil will connect these totems as a visual cue.

Miko's skill has no "hold" variation. Only a "tap" version.

In-depth attributes

Frames are recorded in 60 FPS

Cooldown4 seconds
Particle/cast1/3s = 5 total
Execution frames~35 (x3 = 105)
Elemental Gauge1U A Electro on hit
Turret LvlMultiplier @ T9
18 Lvl 3 hits2,900.88%

This skill deals an impressive amount of damage, while also having 100% uptime. This is where the frequent comparisons to Fischl come from. Miko’s turrets are stronger than Fischl’s, but take more time to set and generate much less energy.

In most builds, Miko’s skills deal more damage per rotation than her burst by about 60/40. In a 22-second rotation, one can safely estimate 18 hits from turrets, though more is possible in some cases.

Miko’s low energy production combined with her high energy cost are what require Miko to have an electro battery and sufficient ER investment (~150+%)

Elemental Burst - Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin

Talent Priority: #2 (nearly tied for #1)

Smite your enemies with a powerful series of lightning strikes.

  • Miko's Burst hits up to four times: one main hit plus one "Tenko Thunderbolt" for each fox spirit turret Miko has on the battlefield, disintegrating the turrets at time of cast. You will want to make sure three turrets are on the field every single time you activate your burst.

In-depth attributes

Frames are recorded in 60 FPS

Cooldown22 seconds
Energy Cost90
Frames till move103
Frames till DMG195 for all hits
Elemental Gauge1U A Electro on hit
AttributesMultiplier @ T9
Initial Hit442%
Tenko Bolts567.49%
Burst + 3 Bolt2,144.47%
  • Miko's Burst should not be neglected in your rotations. Bursting every 22 seconds is essential to maximizing her damage. Mathematically speaking, neglecting Miko's Burst is only acceptable in an 18-second rotation and Miko is accordingly built specifically to maximize her Skill damage.
  • Because Miko's Burst depletes Yae's totems, you will need to set all three again immediately.

Passive Talents

First Ascension Passive - The Shrine's Sacred Shade

When casting Great Secret Art: Tenko Kenshin, each Sesshou Sakura destroyed resets the cooldown for 1 charge of Yakan Evocation: Sesshou Sakura.

This passive talent enables 100% uptime regardless of when Miko uses her Burst, when normally it would need strategic timing to maintain Skill uptime.

Additionally, this talent is what solidifies the uniform Miko playstyle: lay her turrets, swap to buff Yae, drop her Burst, and re-introduce her turrets.

This ascension talent only provides a virtual DPS increase, allowing Miko to maximize her damage with her skill more easily, but not raising the ceiling of damage itself.

Fourth Ascension Passive - Enlightened Blessing

Every point of Elemental Mastery Yae Miko possesses will increase Sesshou Sakura DMG by 0.15%.

This ascension passive has caused a lot of headaches, and at the current state of research, this passive is basically bait. Essentially, 100 EM will add 15% Elemental Skill damage, which is decent, but not worth building into. EM builds currently do not compete with traditional Atk% / Dmg% / Crit builds. This may change as more teams including Miko form.

It should be noted, however, that EM transfer skills of other characters like Sucrose will also count towards Miko's improved Skill damage.

Utility Passive - Meditations of a Yako

Has a 25% chance to receive one (other) bonus regional Character Talent Material at random when crafting. The rarity is that of the base material.

Nothing spectacular about this passive, which is disappointing. Eula is still the best talent book crafter at the moment.


The notation we’ll be using to describe pieces of the combo will go as such

N#*Number of normal attacks in a single combo.
E(Elemental) Skill
Q(Elemental) Burst
C (or CA)Charged Attack

The Default Off-Field Combo

There isn't much variety to Yae's playstyle. When using Yae as an off-field DPS, your Yae sequence will almost always be:

EEE > swap to set up buffs/debuffs (~4-7 seconds) > Q, EEE > swap

Usually, the combo won't vary because Miko simply takes a lot of time to do her job, competing with an on-field dps in terms of time: 1.5 seconds for each EEE, 2 seconds for Miko's Burst, in addition to any dashes or interrupted movement due to enemy attacks.

However, some may be exceptionally devoted to Miko and try to make her an on-field DPS with Normal and Charged Attacks. What follows will be on-field combo recommendations

On-Field, Most Damage, Highest Stamina Requirement

CJ x5

On-Field, Middle Damage, Middle Stamina Requirement


On-Field, Low Damage, Low Stamina Requirement

N2CJ x3

Combo Conclusions

Despite Miko's Attack talent being unimpressive, there are still reasons for Miko to stay on field. For example, Miko doesn't snapshot buffs, so she can benefit more from Bennett's Burst circle by remaining on-field to amplify her turret strikes.

Additionally, more field-time will allow batteries like Fischl to give Miko more energy needed to Burst off cooldown; in essence subverting some of Miko's energy difficulties.

Charged attacks are most effective on particularly large enemies, like bosses, as they are usually big enough to be hit by both damage instances at the beginning and end of the animation. All calculations have assumed only one hit on Charged Attacks, so expected damage can only go up in these circumstances.


Rolling for one copy of a 5-star unit is already expensive. My advice is to roll for constellations only based on your financial situation and level of disposable income. Miko does not require constellations to function, and is fine at C0. However, Miko benefits greatly from nearly every constellation. By C6, Miko's overall damage increases by more than 100%, at the small, small cost of thousands of dollars.

That said, each constellation does benefit her, but whether each constellation is worth the ~80-160 summons is up to you.

Constellation 1 - Yakan Offering

Each time Miko's Burst consumes a Skill turret, Yae Miko will restore 8 Elemental Energy for herself.

DPS increase from C0: ~18-20%

Many guides underestimate the power of this constellation. There is a legitimate argument to be made that C1 Miko is a greater benefit than R1 Kagura's Verity. At the end of the day, C1 is at least on par with the damage boost gained from acquiring Miko's signature weapon.

Why is C1 so good? For two reasons: first, and most obviously, it significantly diminishes Miko's Energy Recharge requirements to Burst off cooldown. With a battery, Miko's required ER% is almost zero. With the regular amount of ER (~150+), Miko doesn't even need a battery, allowing you to run a powerful team composition like Miko / Sara / Sucrose / Kokomi.

Second, lower ER requirements means more substats can be allocated towards purely offensive stats like Crit Rate, Crit Damage, and ATK%. 30-40% Energy Recharge stats can instead go into pure damage, hence the high damage boost.

Constellation 2 - Fox's Mooncall

Sesshou Sakura start at Level 2 when created, their max level is increased to 4, and their attack range is increased by 60%.

DPS increase from C1: ~10-13% || from C0: ~30-35%

This constellation is very simple: it increases the multiplier for Miko’s turrets. At talent level 9, this number goes from 161.16% to 201.45% per turret hit. This constellation, together with C3, pushes Miko towards focusing more on her Skill damage than Burst damage. Accordingly, Burst damage artifact sets like Noblesse Oblige and Emblem of Severed Fate become weaker.

Constellation 3 - The Seven Glamours

Increases the Level of Miko’s Skill by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

DPS increase from C2: ~10% || from C0: ~45-47%

Throwing fox hits hard. Throwing fox hits harder now.

Constellation 4 - Sakura Channeling

When Miko’s skill turret hits opponents, the Electro DMG Bonus of all nearby party members is increased by 20% for 5s.

DPS increase from C3: ~12% || from C0: ~65%

This constellation, if you're playing Miko correctly, should have 100% uptime. Mono-Electro teams especially benefit from this constellation, further motivating Yae to pair up with Raiden/Fischl and Kujou Sara.

Constellation 5 - Mischievous Teasing

Increases the level of Miko’s Burst by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.

DPS increase from C4: ~5-7% || from C0: 70-80%

Nuke nukes harder now.

Constellation 6 - Forbidden Art: Daisesshou

The Sesshou Sakura's attacks will ignore 60% of the opponent's DEF.

DPS increase from C5: ~25-30% || from C0: ~120-130%

Electro appears to have a new trademark ability locked in constellations: ignoring a percentage of DEF, rather than lowering the opponent’s DEF stat itself.

This is previously seen in the Raiden Shogun’s second constellation, which marks for an enormous damage boost, albeit Raiden’s C2 is stronger than Miko’s C6, as Miko’s C6 only applies to her Skill damage.

Equipment & Gear

*“Some ambitions have the power to heal wounds, to bring victory, to inspire hope. But some ambitions outlive their masters, long after their soul ascends.

They remain as they were in the beginning, burning bright and true, for all eternity.”*

Artifact Sets

For full details on Artifacts, please refer to our Yae Mastersheet
We assume 4pc Noblesse Oblige, Bennet 871 ATK buff, and Viridescent Venerer debuff.
Please keep in mind Yae Miko has no best-in-slot at the moment. Go with best substats! Additionally, the true best combination heavily depends on your team, weapon, etc.

Artifact SetsNotes
4pc Thundersoother (100% Uptime) (100%)
Only technically the Best-in-Slot for Miko. Thundersoother has the same issues it does on every other Electro character: 100% uptime is just not realistic most of the time, depending on enemy types, reactions, natural aura decay, etc. At its very best, it’s a 2-5% damage difference.
4pc Emblem of Severed Fate (98.80%)
This is surprising, considering Miko deals most of her damage through her skill. The 20% Energy Recharge allows substats to be allocated into Crit, and usually you’re getting at least 35% additional Burst damage. This set gets weaker with constellations, as your Energy Recharge will probably be lower.
2pc Fate || 2pc Thundering Fury (96.76%)
A great option at C0. 2pc Severed Fate satisfies a good portion of Miko’s Energy Recharge needs, and the stats able to be allocated towards Crit stats are more valuable than 18% attack would give. This set gets weaker with constellations, as the 20% benefit is overshadowed by C1.
2pc +18% ATK || 2pc Thundering Fury (95%)
The generalist set for any electro character. It doesn’t depend on any particular build, it doesn’t get worse with constellations, and it buffs all of Miko’s kit.
2pc Noblesse || 2pc Thundering Fury (94%)
Slightly worse than the ATK% option, and at higher investments, this gap will widen due to, again, Miko’s Skill being more of her total damage than her Burst. DMG% artifact sets benefit more from ATK buffing teammates.
2pc Severed Fate || 2pc Shimenawa (93%)
This set will probably work best when at C0 and when there are many sources of Electro DMG%, such as from Miko’s signature weapon, Kagura’s Verity, a high-refinement Widsith on its second song, or other character buffs. Both can be farmed in the same domain.
2pc Gladiator || 2pc Shimenawa (91-92%)
I mean, It’s fine, I guess. However, this artifact set becomes much better than not using ATK boosting supports like Bennet and Sara, and instead opting for DMG% buffs. In fact, in a taser comp (or other comps that buff DMG%), this can overtake 4pc Thundersoother
2pc Noblesse || 2pc Gladiator’s (91-92%)
Surely you have enough of these artifacts to spare some 2pc sets by now, right? Not recommended, but it'll work.
4pc Tenacity of the Millelith (85%)
A support set for Yae Miko. Potentially a viable support option for an alternative build. However, if you’re pairing Miko with Fischl, and Fischl is the utility support and Miko is the heavy damage dealer…why not just throw this set on Fischl instead and commit her to what she’s good at?

Mainstats and Substats

Sands: ATK%

EM sands and Energy Recharge % sands both underperform compared to ATK% sands when all other things are equal. The only reason to run EM sands is if you go for a full EM gimmick and stop caring about Miko's Burst. Even then, those teams fall short compared to standard ATK% builds.

Run an ER% sands only if you are completely incapable of getting Energy Recharge through substats or event weapon Oathsworn Eye.

Goblet: Electro DMG%

100% of Yae's damage, including Normal and Charged Attacks, is Electro. It is the predictably best goblet option for an elemental DPS, whether on-field or off-field.

Circlet: Crit Rate%/ Crit DMG%

As always, Crit is king for non-reaction carries. Choose whatever Crit mainstay that helps you balance a 1:2 crit ratio, and take substat into consideration as well. Normally the choice depends on the weapon and substats.

  • If you have a Crit Rate% weapon, then usually Crit DMG% is the correct choice
  • If you have a Crit DMG% weapon, then usually Crit Rate% is the correct choice.
  • If Miko's weapon has neither of these kinds of weapons, then go with whatever will get you to a 1:2 ratio of Crit Rate%:Crit DMG%. Start by aiming for 75CR% : 150CD%. Crit rate is technically stronger, in these cases, but only barely.

Substats priority is as follows:

  1. ER% (until you can comfortably burst off cooldown -- ~150%, give or take)
  2. Crit DMG%/Crit Rate%
  3. ATK%

Make sure to take good care of Miko's Crit Rate%; her Burst hits four separate times, and losing a critical hit on one of those damage instances hurts. I would skew slightly in favor of Crit Rate.

In-Depth Weapon Analysis

Assume 5-star weapons are at R1 ; Based on SubDPS Yae with Bennet, 4pcNO, 4pcVV

Kagura’s Verity (130%)When using an Elemental Skill, Elemental Skill DMG of the character wielding this weapon +12% for 16s. Max 3 stacks. This character will gain 12% All Elemental DMG Bonus when they possess 3 stacks.

[ 608 ATK || 66.2% Crit Damage ]

Yae Miko’s Signature Weapon: the unsurprising best-in-slot. A Crit Damage catalyst is already stronger than current 5-star options. On Yae, max stacks are unconditional, since your turrets will always be up.
The Widsith (R5) (114%)When a character takes the field, they will gain a random buff (listed below) for 10s.
Cooldown: 30s.
ATK +120% || Elemental DMG +96% || E. Mastery +480

[ 510 ATK || 55.1% Crit Damage ]

Even when factoring in a full rotation of downtime, the average buff of an R5 Widsith remains the best overall 4-star weapon for Miko. With hyper-investment in Miko, this weapon becomes much more powerful, and can enable single-rotation kills with her Burst.
Solar Pearl (R5) (113%)On Normal Attack hit: Skill and Burst DMG +40% for 6s.
On Skill/Burst hit: Normal Attack DMG +40% for 6s.

[ 510 ATK || 27.6% Crit Rate ]

Solar Pearl is the awkward but consistent Battle Pass alternative to the Widsith. To maintain maximum uptime, weave a single normal attack in before each Skill or Burst. Between Solar Pearl and Widsith, they are about equal at each refinement until Widsith enables single-rotation clears.
Lost Prayer (R1) (112%)Movement SPD +10%.
When in battle: +8% Elemental DMG Bonus every 4s. Max 4 stacks. Lasts until the character falls or leaves combat.

[ 608 ATK || 33.1% Crit Rate ]

Despite having a nearly useless passive for Miko, having a respectable ATK stat with a Crit secondary stack will go far. This ranking assumes zero stacks. A solid choice.
Skyward Atlas (111%-114%)Increases Elemental DMG Bonus by 12%.
On Normal Attack hit: 50% chance to create clouds which actively seek out opponents to attack for 15s, dealing 160% ATK DMG. Can only occur once every 30s.

[ 674 ATK || 33.1% ATK ]

The extremely high Base ATK and 12% Elemental DMG bonus are the main highlights here. It’s like having a free 2pc Thundering Fury. To reach full damage potential, you must Normal Attack and fish for the 50% proc.
Memory of Dust (103-109%)Increases Shield Strength by 20%.
On hit: 4% ATK for 8s. Max 5 stacks. Can only stack once every 0.3s.
While protected by a shield, this ATK increase effect is increased by 100%.

[ 608 ATK || 49.6% ATK ]

To maximize its potential, you need a shielder. Easily the worst of the catalysts, but at least Yae’s inability to snapshot allows her to benefit more from the ATK% buffs.
Oathsworn Eye (R5) (106%)On Skill use: Energy Recharge +48% for 10s.

[ 565 ATK || 27.6% ATK ]

Single-handedly solves Miko’s biggest issue: her massive Energy Recharge requirement. She appreciates the ATK% boost and can focus almost entirely on Crit stats here. Great with 4pc Emblem of Severed Fate. R5 Oathswown Eye is on the same level as R1 Widsith/Solar Pearl, Skyward Atlas, Blackcliff Agate with no stacks, and unshielded Memory of Dust.
Blackcliff Agate (100%-110%)On defeating an opponent, (+12-24%) ATK for 30s. Maximum 3 stacks; duration of each stack is independent.

[ 565 ATK || 55.1% Crit Damage ]

This weapon is difficult to rank: until you get your first kill with Miko, this thing is just an unbuffed Widsith. It has high potential in long fights with big mobs of enemies. Having a weak first rotation in many fights is an enormous downside just to have some Crit DMG. Yae is best against large, single-target enemies anyways.
Hakushin Ring (R1-R5) (100% - 105%)On triggering an Electro elemental reaction: party members of an Elemental Type involved in the elemental reaction receive +10% Elemental DMG for their element, lasting 6s. This does not stack.

[ 565 ATK || 30.6% Energy Recharge ]

Not Recommended in mono-Electro teams. Generally equal to Mappa Mare in power. The party buff is also nice. R.I.P Kazari, you were a real one.
Mappa Mare (R1-R5) (99% - 105%*)Triggering an Elemental reaction grants a(n) (8-16%) Elemental DMG Bonus for 10s. Max 2 stacks.

[ 565 ATK || 110 EM ]

If you’re too sentimental to use Kazari’s Mask, the Mappa Mare will generally be just as damage-efficient as Hakushin Ring. The EM is not entirely wasted, and this weapon has a high Base ATK. This should be the bar for F2P players.
Wine and Song (R1-R5): (99-105%)On Normal Attack hit: -14% Sprint Stamina cost for 5s.
On Dash/Sprint: +20% ATK for 5s.

[ 454 ATK || 55.1% ATK ]

Normally Miko will need to dash to evade attacks anyways. If you have it laying around, it’ll do the job, but remember to keep the passive up. Don’t roll for this weapon; it can replace a craftable weapon if it’s laying around in your inventory.
Eye of Perception (R1-R5) (94%)Normal and Charged Attacks have a 50% chance to fire a Bolt of Perception, dealing (240-360%) ATK as Physical DMG. This bolt can bounce between opponents a maximum of 4 times. This effect can occur once every 12s.

[ 454 ATK || 55.1% ATK ]

It underperforms compared to R1 crafted catalysts. Refinements don’t add meaningful damage, and every weapon that deals less damage at least has support options. The damage is Physical. Mediocrity incarnate.
Frostbearer (R1-R5) (94%)Hitting an opponent with Normal and Charged Attacks has a 60% chance of forming and dropping an Everfrost Icicle above them, dealing (80-140%) AoE ATK DMG. Opponents affected by Cryo are dealt 200-360% ATK DMG instead by the icicle. Can only occur once every 10s.

[ 510 ATK || 41.3% ATK ]

Eye of Perception with more hoops to jump through. You have my condolences for wasting your prototype. At least it’s pretty and free.
Dodoco Tales (R5) (92-94%)On Normal Attack hit: Charged Attack DMG +32% for 6s.
On Charged Attack hit: ATK +16% for 6s.

[ 454 ATK || 55.1% ATK ]

The best reason to give Miko Dodoco Tales is that it looks nice with her color scheme and you don’t have her signature… or any catalyst prototypes, because you crafted them all and threw the weapons away for experience. It forces Miko to use the weakest part of her kit for a buff that doesn’t even make the weapon competitive.
Favonius Codex (92%)CRIT hits have a (60-100%) chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 6s.

[ 510 ATK || 45.9% Energy Recharge ]

What separates Miko from Fischl is the sacrifice of battery utility for raw power. This weapon sacrifices Miko’s power for battery potential… but at that point just use your Fischl.
Sacrificial Fragments (85%)After dealing damage to an opponent with an Elemental Skill, the skill has a (40-80%) chance to end its own CD. Can only occur once every 30s.

[ 454 ATK || 221 EM ]

Only Miko’s Skill benefits from the EM, so the only reason this would be good for her is if you completely neglected her burst damage, which is almost half of her overall damage. The passive is also useless on her, since she already keeps 100% uptime on her own.
Prototype Amber (R1-R5) (81%)On Burst use: gain (4-6) energy every 2s for 6s. All party members regenerate (4-6%) HP every 2s for 6s.

[ 510 ATK || 41.3% HP ]

Miko is a DPS. Treat her like one. If you really needed to turn an Electro catalyst-user into a healer support, Lisa is free and has good debuffs.

Team Composition

"As an observer, I get to see the similarities all the time, which naturally leaves me desiring to see something more unique"

Miko synergizes most with other Electro characters, mainly those who:

Generate Electro particles or recover her energy. (Raiden or Fischl) Buff Miko without taking much field time (Sara for ATK and Crit Damage buffs) At C0, using an Electro battery is non-negotiable when the goal is to Burst off cooldown. 18s rotations can work with Miko bursting every other rotation while still being competitive.

Additionally, Miko benefits especially from having a Viridescent Venerer-holder.

We’ll talk more in-depth about full team comps later.

Electro Supports

Ei/Raiden Shogun is the god of Energy Recharge and Miko’s wife, making her the perfect partner for Miko. Together, they act as dual-carries. Miko also allows Ei to function at a competitive level in a team without Kazuha or Bennet when opting for Mono Electro, which can free those valuable characters up for another team.

Ei and Miko have several overlaps in terms of preferred teammates as well. It was meant to be.

Fischl is the next logical choice if Raiden is unavailable. Odds are if you aren't running Raiden, then you're running Fischl or not playing a Miko team.

Fischl is much better for Miko at C6, especially in terms of energy generation. However, with tight play, a low constellation Fischl can do a similar job.Timing Oz is Crucial.

In Taser comps, Yae becomes a single-target Beidou replacement when paired with Fischl.

Kujou Sara (C6) offers powerful buffs for both Ei and Miko, allowing a potent Mono Electro team composition. The 60% added Crit Damage and the fact the buffs stay on Miko even when Miko leaves the field enable Sara to edge out the infamous Bennett as Miko’s premier buffer.

Lisa is a low-budget, low-investment option for those who don't have C6 Kujou Sara. 4pc Noblesse Oblige, Lisa's DEF debuff, and her weapon passives offer a variety of options for team roles.

  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers - Buffer
  • Prototype Amber - Healer
  • Favonius Codex - Battery

Traveler (Electro) is a support that everyone has. Their main purpose is to battery units, so if you're lacking both Raiden and Fischl for some reason, Traveler is a last resort to satisfy team needs.

Electro Traveler is offensively weak, so stack as much support on her as possible. A favonius sword will increase her battery potential even further.

Non-Electro Supports

Once you have your Electro core, I recommend, generally, an Anemo character or other kind of meaningful buffer to maximize Miko’s damage.

Bennett is a generically excellent support. Since Yae doesn't snapshot, Bennett's Burst circle is underwhelming, only buffing three of Miko's turret shots and her Burst before expiring.

He's still an excellent support for Miko, but Bennett is desired on every team.

If you don't run Bennett, it is highly recommended you run C6 Sara or some equivalent significant buffer.

Kazuha Is the premier Anemo character for buffs and crowd control. The Elemental DMG bonus on his burst, the tendency to keep elements cycling, and at higher constellations transfer EM all contribute greatly to any elemental DPS's damage.

With his signature 5-star, Freedom Sworn, these buffs stack even further. His only drawback is how desirable he is on other teams and that his favorite teammate is Bennett.

Jean is the best choice for a Viridescent Venerer-holder when your team needs a healer. This is usually the case in Mono Electro teams, as Ei, Miko, and Sara are all fragile units.

With Bennett, she enables Sunfire Overload teams, allowing her to constantly apply pyro for Miko or Ei to exploit.

A Favonius Sword will also help make rotations more comfortable for energy.

Sucrose is most often used as a "budget Kazuha" or a Taser Enabler. Sucrose is especially strong for Miko because Sucrose transfers a portion of her Elemental Mastery.

A 200 EM transfer translates to +30% Elemental Skill damage for Miko (excluding reaction benefits).

If needed, she can also hold Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers, Prototype Amber, or Favonius Codex.

Venti is the best choice for a Viridescent Venerer-holder when your team needs unmatched crowd control.

Miko’s Burst prefers everyone to be stuck in one place, and Venti’s Burst can certainly do that while debuffing.

A Supernova team comp can come to be if you reliably absorb Pyro with Venti’s Burst.

Sayu is not often recommended, but if you have her and none of the other Anemo units mentioned above, Sayu can act as a budget Jean in the form of a buffing Anemo healer.

Sayu does have a unique ability though: being able to wield Wolf’s Gravestone to buff the party’s ATK by 40%.

For Energy Recharge needs, use Favonius Greatsword.

Xingqiu is most noteworthy for Taser comps. When Miko is thrown into the mix, Raiden makes a good driver.

Xingqiu is added to teams for him to contribute massive damage while also providing some minor healing and support. Use Xingqiu if you need the most powerful off-field DPS in Hydro.

Mona is a potent buffer with a powerful Burst. If you can sustain the party’s energy recharge, Mona’s 60% bonus damage effect from her Burst with Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers’s 50% ATK boost will compare to Kazuha’s buffing efficacy when the team is shaped around Miko’s damage.

Use Mona if you need the most powerful buffer in Hydro.

Kokomi is an effective Taser driver, buffer, and healer all packed into one unit. Her long-term Hydro application makes other kinds of Electro-Charged teams appealing.

As a buffer, she works best with 4pc Tenacity of the Millelith and Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers. As a driver with more focus on personal damage, go with 4pc Ocean Hued Clam.

Use Kokomi if you need the best healer and long-term Hydro applicator in Hydro.

Full Team Compositions

Here, we offer a map of various Abyss-eligible team compositions. Keep in mind that as more testing is done on teams, Miko’s team comps will only improve.


Raikou is the alternative to Raiden Hyper teams. Miko replaces Sara, trading buffing potential for extra raw damage. This performs about on-par with Raiden Hyper. Alternatively, Miko can Burst every other rotation so long as the rotation is 18s or less.

Switching Kazuha for Jean allows for a Sunfire (frequent overload) composition

Recommended Rotations:
1. Raiden E > Yae EEE > Kaz E > Benny EQ > Yae Q EEE > Kaz Q > Raiden Q N3Cx3
2. Raiden E > Kaz E > Bennet E > Yae EEE > Bennett Q > Kaz EP Q > Raiden Q N3Cx3

Miko Taser

Miko takes Beidou's place as the heavy damage off-field DPS. While Beidou works well where there are multiple enemies, Miko allows a single target specialization. Sucrose works as the Taser driver due to her ability to claim ownership on most of the elemental reactions. Raiden can also take Fischl's place, if need be.

Recommended Rotations:
Miko EEE > Fischl E > VV Swirl > Miko Q EEE > Xingqiu Q E(E) > Sucrose Q E NA's

Mono Electro

Mono Electro is a highly modular team depending on what you have:

Battery: Raiden, Fischl, Electro Traveler Buffer: Sara, Lisa, Mona Viridescent Venerer: Jean, Kazuha, Venti, Sayu

Kazuha makes the team stronger as long as you’re okay going without a healer. Overall, not as powerful as Raikou, but this can save Kazuha and Bennet for another team.

Recommended Rotations: RoSara E > Yae EEE > Raiden E N1 > Jean Q > Sara Q > Yae Q EEE > Jean E > Sara CA > Raiden Q (2xN3C+N2C+N1C)

Rotations will change depending on what substitutes you use.

Inazuma National

Four strong Inazuma 5-stars slapped into a team isn’t that bad. In this team, you’ll focus on Kokomi as a pure support, using her Burst only to recast her jellyfish. This allows Kokomi to equip Thrilling Tales and 4pc Tenacity of the Millelith to buff and heal. Strong and stable.

Recommended Rotation:

Ei E > Miko EEE > VV Swirl > Kokomi E > Miko Q EEE > VV Swirl > Ei Q N3Cx3 > Kokomi Q

Peako Miko

If Miko has a ton of Energy Recharge or you have C1 Miko, this team can maximize her personal damage with the strongest buffers in the game.

Without C6 Sara, use Thrilling Tales Lisa. Without Kazuha, bring Sucrose or Venti.

Recommended Rotations: Miko EEE > VV Swirl > Bennet EQ > Sara EQ > Miko Q EEE > VV Swirl > Bennet E > Sara E

Mondstadt Miko

An (experimental) alternative to using Kazuha and Bennet. Mona with Thrilling Tales and 4pc Noblesse Oblige buffs at a level comparable with Kazuha. However, we can keep the Viridescent shred with a healer like Jean or Sayu, and Fischl can hold 4pc Tenacity of the Millelith if more buff-stacking is needed.

Miko is the main damage dealer. If Miko is C1, Fischl can be replaced by C6 Kujou Sara. Raiden, of course, can also take Fischl's place.

Miko Tao Overvape

Credit for this composition goes to Raikh

Overvape is part of what makes Raiden National so powerful. Especially strong in singlet-target scenarios. A Hu Tao alternative to geo bros (Zhongli + Albedo)

Geo + Electro Resonance

Credit/description for this composition goes to Raikh

This team is based on the old Noelle/Geo/FIschl/Beidou comp and during some discussion there was also an interest in using a Hakushin/Petra Ningugang Driver iirc.

The original Noelle version uses Fischl and Beidou as effective Sub DPS and largely solves most of the energy issues due to allowing them to freely swap in and recast their abilities at any time. Itto has a more strict rotation but also does a lot more damage than Noelle.

There isn't really a lot to it. Geo doesn't have many requirements nor super Amazing Sub DPS. Fischl+Beidou is an excellent SubDPS duo that runs by itself, so it just fits having your Geo Carry + another Geo and then the Electro Sub Duo going together. ZL being quite nice with offering Shield, Shred and ToM for everyone.

Yae Miko Resources

Yae Miko Mastersheet by the WFP Yae TC team (see below)

Yae Database by KeqingMains

Emiliabyss#1641 - author, calcs, team lead
Raikh / Valien#8564 - team calcs, consulting, math wizard
jrm.spirit#2671 - frame counting, calcs, footage, consulting
Azure#4575 - team calcs, consulting

Change Logs

2/22/2022: Yae Miko Guide first draft complete. To update: team calcs, optimal rotations, Q&A stuff I missed, editorial revisions, etc. 2/26/2022: Many content changes over the last two days. Mainly detailing rotations, clerical errors, rewordings, etc.

Closing Thoughts

A lot has happened with my work here ever since posting my Itto guide to WFP. I'm very proud to have led the Yae theorycrafting process over the last few months, and I'm really looking forward to working on Yelan next, once her kit becomes available.

Special thanks to Raikh, JRM, and Azure for their help with team calcs, consulting, and management of the mastersheet, and to everyone who patiently waits for work like this to come out.

Cheers ~ ❤
-- Emiliabyss

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